Pictures of the Village of Meavy


Showing Meavy in its rural setting on the south western fringe of Dartmoor.




Meavy, with Sheeps Tor

The village of Meavy with Sheeps Tor and the moorland of Dartmoor beyond. 
Taken from Roborough Down looking east.


Meavy - Summer 2000

Taken on a summers day looking north, from up above Marchant's Cross on the south side of the Meavy valley.


Postcard of Meavy, c1900

A picture postcard of Meavy taken about 1900.  From the left, the first building is Mill Cottage.  Next is The Mill, and if you look closely you can just about see the mill wheel on the right.  The large house and barns is Meavy Barton Farm.  Behind the barns is St. Peter's Church, the Meavy parish church.  The cottage in front of the church was a shop and post office.  The Royal Oak Inn is on the right, partly hidden by the old oak tree.

Meavy 2000

And the same view in 2000.

Meavy village, April 2018

And again in April 2018.

Meavy Village from St Peter's Church tower

The village as seen from the top of St. Peter's Church tower.

Meavy from Ringmoor Down

Meavy viewed from the slopes of Ringmoor Down.


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